Weekend Fun in Lake Nona – Take a Hike!

Weekend Fun in Lake Nona – Isle of Pines Preserve

Try out the Isle of Pines Preserve for hiking or horseback riding, right here in our neck of the woods!

Weekend Fun in Lake Nona - Isle of Pine Preserve The preserve is consists of approximately 464 acres and accessed from two different entry points, one at the end of Lake Mary Jane Road and the other at the end of Lace Bark Pine Drive. Parking is provided at both locations. The preserve is bordered on the west by Lake Mary Jane and on the other three sides by private property. Depending on the entry point you use, you will encounter two different worlds. One area is mainly wetlands, while the other is mainly dry scrub lands. Because the preserve is not that large, you can wander from one eco-system into another. The green trailhead is at the end of Lake Mary Jane Road and is a walking trail only. The complete trail is only about 1 mile in length, round trip. There is an off trail which takes you to the edge of Lake Mary Jane, where you will get some views of the lake. That section of the lake is not developed, so you will see some of the old lake. While it is a short hike, there is some nice scenery and makes for a nice walk.

Weekend Fun in Lake Nona –¬†Blue Trailhead

Weekend Fun in Lake Nona - Isle of Pine Preserve - CareyLight Lake Nona Real EstateThe blue trailhead is at the end of Lace Bark Pine Drive. There is a nice parking area provided by the county. Here you will find an information station, providing you with information about the area. This is also the entrance for horseback riding. The complete trail is a loop only about 1.83 miles in length. The trail is actually just an old farm road. Some parts are packed down providing comfortable walking, while other parts are comprised of soft sand. This trail is almost completely in the sun, so sunscreen is recommended! The county has provided a picnic table on one spot of the trail and a metal bench on another part of the trail. Dogs, bikes or any kind of vehicles are not permitted. The trail is a preserve and hunting is not permitted. Most animals will steer clear of any humans, but you might be fortunate to see some unusual birds, deer, raccoon, hogs, turkeys or other wildlife.

Take a camera! We live in an area rich in beautiful conservation, nature-scapes and wildlife – take advantage and enjoy!

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