Top 10 Tips For Selling

Successful Sellers understand what Buyers are looking for and make their home the most appealing to that market.

  1. Pricing– In any market, pricing is key. Your real estate agent must make an exhaustive analysis of the numbers in your community and surrounding communities to determine a realistic price that will attract a qualified buyer. Beware of agents that give you a rosier outlook that reality. They may end up with their sign in your yard, but not with a closed sale for you…leading only to disappointment, lost time on the market and a future lower sales point.
  2. Condition– Buyers are looking for the BEST VALUE. They expect to get either “MORE” for the same (“More” home for Less Money), or the “SAME” for less (Same condition and features for less money). In my experience, those homes that have been staged net the best price (click on my “Staging” link for more information and resources). Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes…you’ve been viewing homes all day…many in need of repair, stained carpets, pet odor, outdated furnishings, clutter and clashing paint colors…then you step into a home that is professionally decorated, clear of clutter with warm neutral paint colors and inviting décor. You can see the home’s wonderful features and can make sense of how you could live in the space. You will buy that home with enthusiasm. Sellers who consider the mind of the buyer will be successful selling their home in any market.
  3. Accessibility– Homes difficult to show do not sell or will likely stay on the market longer and net less money. Work with your real estate consultant to make the home as accessible as possible.
  4. Location– Consideration must be given to the home’s location. Think again about the mind of the buyer. They must feel SAFE and they usually want CONVENIENCE. Factors beyond your control might be that the home backs to power lines, railroad tracks, on a busy road, etc. Speak with the stager about what might be done to minimize those negative factors (large bushes and a bubbling water feature can do wonders!) Again, any objection can be overcome if the price is appealing enough. Conversely, homes with an appealing view and location tend to sell first, so if your home is lacking these features, price accordingly.
  5. Internet Prominence– Make sure your home is as appealing as possible on the MLS, has a virtual tour and is marketed extensively on the internet. 86% of buyers start the viewing, selection and elimination process on the internet.
  6. Buyer’s Incentives– Homes that are advertised with appealing buyers incentives, ie, closing cost assistance and/or other incentives will go a long way to attracting more buyers. Additionally, a bonus to the selling agent will attract more agents and their clients to your home.
  7. Curb Appeal– Homes with a well maintained lawn, fresh paint and a welcoming entry attract buyers from the street. Be the best on the street and you will stop them in their tracks…they’ll call their agent and make an appointment to view your home!
  8. Pre qualifying Buyers– Never accept an offer from a buyer without a prequalification letter from a reputable lender or proof of funds if they are purchasing cash. Most transactions that fail to close are due to this error.
  9. Showings– Make sure your home is showing ready everyday. This can be a daunting challenge, but very important. You never know when your buyer is in town and ready to view your home, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
  10. Hire a Professional Real Estate Consultant and listen to their wisdom!- Select a brutally honest agent with marketing know-how and top notch resources to present your home in the best light. Creativity and work ethic are predominant traits you should seek. An exceptional real estate consultant will have excellent relationships with other agents, and a long list of happy clients’ testimonies for you to view. Remember, you are hiring this professional to be your consultant and it is their duty to be courageously honest with you about what is happening in the market and what buyers are looking for. Listen closely to their counsel and you will be successful selling your home for top dollar!